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Written by Vicente Forés   


Student´s name: Sempere Llinares, Àngela

Title of the paper: The Use of Irony

Author or topic: Jane Austen



My intention with this paper is to investigate how does Jane Austen take advantage of the possibilities of irony in the narration of Sense and Sensibility. The introduction allows the reader to get a basic information of the topic developed, therefore it will be easier to understand.

Irony can appear in many ways, and so does in Sense and Sensibility. I am going to remark three of them, as I consider they are the most important in the development of the work: the dialogues, the characters themselves, and the situations.

Finally, I explore what is the aim of using irony in this work, and in the conclusion I offer the ideas that this research has brought to me about the issue.

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Academic year 2012/2013
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Àngela Sempere Llinares

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